September 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

The due date approaches. I don't know why I'm really even entertaining the idea of going early/on time since it hasn't happened yet but there is just something about that date they give you, even when I don't really believe it (I think it should be the Oct 4 not Sept 27).

With any strange shift of the baby, I find myself analyzing if this would be a good time or not to go into labor...

no, not right now, I want/need to do XYZ
now wouldn't be bad, I slept really well last night
no, just too tired right now
no, I'd really like to go grape picking on Wednesday
no, I'm just not ready yet

I think I have more no moments than yes moments so it is a good thing nothing is really happening!

September 11, 2009

First Day of Academy

Today was the first day of Academy and all in all it went pretty smoothly. Katrina and Alex are in the same preschool class - which seems very strange to me. After a brief stop in Papa's office, Katrina told him that she had to go to class and happily went down to her room - such a change from last year when she would only go down when her favorite teacher would come to get her.

Their day consists of a music class, then a class that is based upon a letter a week with stories, activities, crafts, games, etc, and then a class that I really don't know much about yet. When I saw them at lunch they were both very excited about their morning...ate "ants on a log", played on the playground, sang songs, made pictures and glued things (no idea what they were gluing as it didn't come home this week).

I am teaching 7/8 general science again this year. Looks like a pretty fun group of kids so that should make for a fun year.

September 5, 2009

Rental Blog

Our lakehouse rental has a home online!