October 9, 2010

Start of School

Well, I'm a little late posting beginning of school pictures but better late than never I hope!

Katrina is in Kindergarten this year! Where did that come from?!?!?! That is such a milestone to me and is filled with mixed emotions. The toddler/preschool years are over but new adventures are on the horizon.

Alex is following right behind his sister in preK. Totally a different bird, I'm learning that some things Katrina loved and worked wonderfully with her aren't his cup of tea. Definitely a boy in the roll on the floor, energetic, rough and tumble sort of way!

Max is catching bits and pieces at the beginning side of preschool. He's keeping up well in the superhero department!

Tristan is crawling and cruising and eating and smiling away.

We are at Academy again this year.

Some first day of Academy pictures...

Backpacks ready!

Max is ready

Katrina's excited

Alex (with the Wii remote)

The gang

A quick glance back to make sure Mom is coming...

And they're off!

Katrina has science (S. Avila), Five in a Row (M. Avila) and gym.
Alex is in the same science class, preschool (Stear) and the same gym class.
Max and Tristan are in the nursery but Max sometimes joins the preschool class with the other "nursery seniors" Noah and Caroline.

Katrina and Alex are in the Academy bowling league so get to bowl one game (with bumpers) each week. After that is done they may start Irish dance in the afternoon or free play...that is TBD.

At home we are using a variety of things for each of them. I still feel I'm in the trial stage so some of what I planned for the beginning of the year may be stretched over two years, saved for next year or scrapped altogether.

Katrina: Abeka K for math, Veritas Press K for reading. Sonlight K (Intro to World Cultures) for history/read-alouds/. Abeka K Social Studies (complements the world cultures and adds in community helps and some US history) Explode the Code 1. Reason for Handwriting.

Katrina was very excited to receive her books

Alex: Abeka ABC-123. Abeka K4 reading though I think I want to move him to the VP reading program. Sonlight K and Abeka K Social Studies with Katrina. Explode the Code A, B, C. Reason for Handwriting.

I have some more pictures but can't seem to find the folder they are hiding in so that will have to be all for now.

Extra adjectives

If you are going to get in your car, most people don't say "I'm getting into my automatic minivan". If you are drinking milk most people don't announce "I'm having a glass of 2% white milk". If you are putting on a tshirt most people don't inform you that they are going to be wearing "a cotton/polyester blend tshirt".

Why then do many that eat organic foods feel the need to clarify that they are eating such foods?! "I'm cooking organic chicken with organic green beans and organic brown rice" "My son is eating organic gluten free cookies" "For dinner tonight I had a salad with organic lettuces".

Are they seeking approval from their fellow organic peers? Are they trying to elevated themselves above the non-organics out there? What is your agenda? There has to be a reason why some feel the need to prove they are eating this way.

You had rice for dinner. In this context, rice is rice - white, brown, organic or not. I can see labeling packages and menus as such and but in conversation it makes me wonder your motive for adding in that adjective. If you tried a new variety, sure, provide the descriptive (I tried Spanish rice; it was delicious). Otherwise, just eat rice.

Now I have no problem with discussions of food and life style choices, blog post, conversations, etc. My radar goes up on the constant insertion of these "extra" adjectives into millions of statements and status updates.

And yes, I do know a number of people who eat organic or natural foods or special diets that do not broadcast their choices, thank you to you!