September 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

The due date approaches. I don't know why I'm really even entertaining the idea of going early/on time since it hasn't happened yet but there is just something about that date they give you, even when I don't really believe it (I think it should be the Oct 4 not Sept 27).

With any strange shift of the baby, I find myself analyzing if this would be a good time or not to go into labor...

no, not right now, I want/need to do XYZ
now wouldn't be bad, I slept really well last night
no, just too tired right now
no, I'd really like to go grape picking on Wednesday
no, I'm just not ready yet

I think I have more no moments than yes moments so it is a good thing nothing is really happening!


Hannah said...

Can't wait to hear when he/she arrives!

Sarah A said...

This is so comical to me! While i read it I just had this mental image of you sitting across the desk telling me this. It was great : )