March 3, 2010

Rolls, Capes, and Princesses

Continuing with the updates I figured kids would be next...

Tristan has changed the most in the past few months. He is now rolling around, playing with toys, and has received his first war wound (nerf gun...not the dart, the actual the head while he was nursing).

Max has joined the Batman fan club. He now wears capes and plays with figurines along with the big kids. All of the superheroes seem to be called Batman at this point. He is quite a ham - singing (read more as yelling) into toys pretending they are microphones, saying things then breaking into hysterical laughter, chasing Steve the cat, and conquering the sledding hill.

Alex is still president of the Batman fan club. Daily attire is a costume, Batman is clean but Superman will do in a pinch, or a Batman cape and underwear. Makes for less laundry so I'm not complaining.

Katrina is still running the show. She is an honorary member of the Batman fan club though is often a princess or dinosaur that is visiting the Super Friends.

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