August 12, 2011

Second Summer

This year our summer has been divided into two parts - Lake and Rochester. At first I felt that our summer was over when we came back to Rochester (we are renting the lake for the month of August) but I've realized it is actually just a different kind of summer. We are now in the middle of "second summer" and it is going much better than I thought it would.

First summer: hot, sun, laid back, no shoes.
Down at the lake we take a relaxed approach to life. The kids don't wear shoes and most of the time only wear bathing suits. I'm in flip flops, gym shorts, and tank tops. We are in a routine rather than a schedule. Most days include time at the beach, bikes, fishing, swimming. The kids go on walks with Pap (my dad) and the dog to pick berries. We sit around a camp fire in the evening. I got a great tan! The weather was very warm but a great breeze came off the lake making it very comfortable - warm enough to want to swim but not to the point you get miserable.

I can say that the great weather and fun definitely made it very hard to leave the lake this year!

Second summer: VBS, dance, friends, play.
I was not sure how it would go being in Rochester for summer - slightly cooler temperature have helped I think. The kids have been going to morning VBS. Max was able to go the first week which gave me just Tristan for the morning! I tried out public market since we didn't have our vegetable share we get down at the lake. This past week was a dance workshop so Katrina attended, I taught and the boys got to play at a friends house for the afternoon. We'll finish out the summer with a couple more camps and our church's family camp.

It was certainly a crash back into schedules and shoe wearing but the kids have had a great time!

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