April 12, 2010

A Vent

Now I appreciate that online banking, etc have security measures in place so they don't hand out your password to anyone who calls in but it is very frustrating that they won't give the information to a wife if it is in the husband's name. Many of our accounts are in Justin's name but I am the one that logs in for day-to-day transactions. We have a joint bank account but the log in info was created by the bank under his name so when I mistyped the password, got locked out, tried to call to get it unlocked, I was unable to be told the new password. It is frustrating when I'm not on the account (ex. a mortgage only in his name) but the bank account I'm listed on! Ugh.

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eb said...

Ah, yes, the reason that Doug has been without an ATM card for the last 6 months or so -- I can't order a replacement for him, even though it's a joint account (and I could order a replacement for me, which accesses the same acct). Doug is just not the kind of guy who gets around to re-ordering ATM cards, so it's frustrating that I can't do it!