May 13, 2010

Accomplishing "Nothing"

Sitting down to lunch, at 2:40, again I was plagued with the feeling of accomplishing "nothing" to this point in the day. As I sipped my tea and thoroughly enjoyed me grilled cheese sandwich I reflected on my morning to see why I did not get to any of my project list items. What had my nothing day been filled with?

Early breakfast for 2, late/second breakfast for 3, lunch for 3, nursing numerous times, a couple diaper changes, a bath for 1, my shower, a couple loads of laundry, paying bills for Justin's business, helping the kids making thank you cards, snack time, more coloring and cutting...and cleaning up from coloring and cutting, reading the kids a few stories, having Katrina read to me, putting out a few fights, responding to potential renter emails...

So what I have realized is that these nothing days are truly something days! It may not be visible to others - the house won't look miraculously cleaner than it did when Justin left, my to-do/project list isn't really any shorter, I haven't invented anything or cured diseases - but I did something!

So for all of you out there that may also be struggling with plaguing thoughts of little accomplishment as you answer "nothing" or "the usual" to the "What did you do today?" question, remember we did do something today, even if it goes unnoticed.

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