September 1, 2010

Summer Reflections

Today is September 1st. September to me signals the beginning of fall but the weather certainly doesn't seem to remember that. For awhile things had been cooling down but the last few days have been back to 90. It's putting me back in the summer mood.

A quick glance through our summer...

Time on Cayuga Lake
Aunt Mary's memorial service which brought a visit from Uncle Mark's family
Katrina's 5th birthday - yikes!!!!
Weddings, bridal showers and baby showers
Katrina danced in the end of the year Irish Dance showcase
Annual trip to Sea Breeze
Bear, Hannah and Ava visits
Luissa's highschool graduation party
Hidden Valley 65th Anniversary Alumni Weekend
Swimming at friends' pools
A couple dance lessons for Katrina
Alex's 4th birthday
Vacation Bible Schools
Family Camp

In general it was a pretty low key summer - mainly spent at the lake doing lake things as a family. Lots of boat rides, trips to the playground, a couple wineries, playing in the water, fishing, etc. Katrina and Alex gained confidence swimming, still with a lifejacket though, Katrina learned how to kayak and both are accomplished paddle boaters.

Oh I almost forgot a highlight...Katrina learned to ride a bike! She pretty much taught herself with the help of the slope in the driveway.

It is nice that my parents are at the lake most of the week so we get to see them a lot. Katrina and Alex go on walks with my dad and his very tall, white dog. Justin and my dad fish. We all enjoy time around the campfire.

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