October 4, 2008

Joining the Blog World

Well, it is official. I have joined the blogging world. I think that Lindsay getting a blog inspired me to take the plunge and get one myself. Here is an update on the family to get things started.

Justin is self-employed doing mainly remodeling work and managing investment properties. One of the current remodeling projects is the lake house we purchased with my parents and his parents on Cayuga Lake. He is currently playing in volleyball leagues at hotshots not that his summer softball leagues have finished. He's also gearing up for hunting season.

I am home with the kids, teaching chemistry and physical science at our homeschool Academy, and assistant teaching Irish dance. I should be folding laundry not starting a blog but this is definitely more fun.

Katrina is 3 now. She is in taking gymnastics and tagging along to dance with me. She lasts about half the class and then plays in the hall with Aunt Luissa who is waiting for her class to begin. I'd say that her favorite movie is Little Mermaid and book is any Clifford book. She loves putting on multiple outfits a day, much to my washing machine's dismay, and making sure things match. Is she really my child?

Alex is 2. He is talking up a storm and very excitedly told us, "my daddy....big fish!" followed only days later by "my big fish!". He LOVES fishing. He has shown me that there truly is an innate difference between boys and girls. No one had to tell teach him to love cars, trucks dump trucks and getting dirty. His big eyes and fun smile problem get him out of more trouble than they should.

Max is 8 months and on the move. He is crawling all over now. All that crawling has made him very hungry and he now loves eating. He's a happy guy and smiles and talks often. He recently made his mother very happy by doing the "mamamamamama" babble.

Sandor (dog), Sid (dog) and Steve (cat) round out our quiet house.

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