October 27, 2008

The Magic of Band-Aids

I have never understood the magically power that exists in Band-Aids for children. How can applying this little strip cure all hurts and pain? Where does this power come from? I don't know where they discover this power either. At every scratch I have not been standing with the box ready and waiting for tears to appear. At a bump I have been the one saying "You're ok". Until this past year I have not even owned a box of band-aids! Justin has been known to hold together cuts with duct tape or plastic cement (I would not recommend the second). Yet our children have somehow learned that injuries require band-aids.

Katrina pinched her finger tonight and decided that she needed a band-aid. No blood, no scratch. But still she asked for the magic strip. I don't even have fun cartoon ones so I really don't see the appeal. Alex then decided that he too needed a "bambi" as he calls them. He first held out a finger, then a different one, and then happily grinned as I placed one on his hand. He obviously had no pain but was suffering from a sympathy wound that only a band-aid would cure. Now I understand that Alex has learned this from Katrina...but where has she learned it?!? I wonder if there is a band-aid gene...

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