October 7, 2008

Where are your clothes?

This morning I am greeting first thing by Katrina who has dressed herself like she has been doing on her own for quite some time now (a year or so). Today's outfit: a florescent pink and orange two piece bathing suit. Bathing suits are a favorite - at least this one is the correct size. When asked, she informs me that she is warm but as she slips into bed with me I realize that her skin is FREEZING.

I leave Katrina in my bed to get Alex up. Alex does not change his clothes on his own or dress himself yet. Today when I open his bedroom door, I find him standing in front of me ...completely naked. I had put him to bed in a bear suit (the furry zip up footed pajamas). The suit was in a heap in the corner as was his diaper. Thankfully that was only wet. We used to have to put Katrina's pajamas on backwards so they zipped up the back to keep her in them...I wonder if Alex is getting to the point where I will have to do the same.

While I'm getting Alex situated, Katrina had taken it upon herself to get Max ready. She had climbed into Max's crib and stripped him down. I walk in as she is trying to put a new diaper on him and her scolding him for not following her directions. A little more practice and she may be the official diaper changer!

Outfits worn today: K - 3 including the bathing suit, A - 2, M - 1.

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