October 24, 2008

Kid Talk

I was quite amused by this exchange between Katrina and Alex on the car ride over to the Tallo's. They had obviously heard the phrase "oh my gosh" from someone. The following argument continued for a good 10 minutes.

Katrina, "my gosh"
Alex, " no, my gosh"
Katrina, "no, MY gosh"
Alex, "no, MY gosh"
Katrina, "no, MY gosh"
Alex, "no, MY gosh"
The next morning over breakfast, Katrina informed Alex, "It is everybody's gosh and we have to share gosh."

Alex's name for Katrina - zah! Sometimes it is szah! Why? no idea. Though I never could figure out why Katrina called Alex "I". I noticed tonight that she will still call him that occasionally. I think it is cute that she has her own little nickname for him.

So I don't forget to document it somewhere...

Alex's first phrase - my daddy....big fish! This has evolved into "my big fish"

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eb said...

This is hilarious. It almost makes me want to have another one next year. But I think I'll just enjoy hearing about yours instead.